Habiba Henna Powder 100g

Habiba Henna Powder 100g
Habiba Henna...the perfect creamy henna powder



  • 100% natural, safe henna
  • Creamy, smooth texture 
  • Beautiful Intense dark stains
  • Very fast dye release
  • Triple sifted high quality powder from India
  • Can also be used to colour & condition hair
  • All our henna powders are tried & tested before being sold
  • No PPD or harmful chemical
  • Henna Shop always stocks the most recent stock to ensure freshness beautiful dark stains


  • Mix to the recipe of your choice
  • Apply henna paste to clean dry skin and allow to dry for about 20 mins being careful not to smudge your design
  • Seal with Henna Seal and keep on your skin for as long as possible- 4-6 hr
  • Gently scrape off the dried paste and avoid water for the next 6 hours
  • Henna will appear bright orange and will darken over 48 hours depending on where on the body it was applied and how long it was left on for
  • Avoid swimming, saunas, washing and general housework to prolong the life of your henna


  • 100% Fresh, Natural Henna Powder


  • Once opened, store in ziplock bag in the freezer where it will stay good for 2/3 year
  • Henna Shop always stocks the most recent crop to ensure freshness and great stains
  • All our henna powders are tried and tested by our artists


  • Please allow 3-4days to process your order, especially during summer and the Eid period

For International Orders, please email; riffat184@hotmail.com

Refunds & Returns Policy

  • Because of the perishable nature of many of our products, we do not accept returns unless you receive a damaged item.