Welcome to Henna Shop, a one stop shop for all your henna supplies.....it all started with a passion to create something special.

Based on almost 30 years experience in the henna industry, Henna Shop brings you a collection of exceptional products all made in the Britain. Crafted beautifully to the highest standard  and featuring unique products, details and touches, each product is sure to become an instant favorite

Having searched all over the world for safe, reliable products. Riffat now brings you the same products that you can try out and have fun working with.

We NEVER use any black or coloured chemical dyes such as PPD para-phenylenediamene or any other harmful ingredients in our products. All products are tried and tested by us before being sold.

Feedback: Thank you Riffat for an amazing product. Ordered some bridal cones and the colour was so intense by 2nd day the colour was nearly black. This is the darkest I've ever had the henna. 


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