Mini Spray Bottle

Mini Spray Bottle
30ml Mini Spray Bottle- Excellent for henna sugar & lemon seals that can be sprayed as a fine mist over the dried henna design to help it 'stick' onto skin


30ml Mini Spray Bottle

A clear PET plastic bottle with semi transparent atomizer spray top and cap.

  • Excellent if your product needs to be sprayed as a fine mist.
  • Suitable for your sugar & lemon henna sealant, beauty products, tanning lotions, room fresheners or your latest homeopathic oils.
  • Spray head has a tube length of 130mm which can be cut to the desired length with scissors.

  • Capacity - 30ml 
  • Cap Size - 18mm 
  • Cap Type - Natural atomiser spray 
  • Weight- 10g (excluding spray) 
  • Material - PET 
  • Colour - Clear 
  • Height - 80mm (excluding spray) 
  • Diameter - 28mm 

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