Cajeput Cones

Fresh Cajeput Henna Cones....100% fresh henna cones, made to order with fresh henna powder, lemon juice and essential oils- intense dark stains...naturally!
  • INFO
  • FRESH HENNA CONE'S - Cajeput, for UK only!

    • 100% pure safe, natural henna made with pure Cajeput Oil
    • Freshly made to order
    • Intense dark stains
    • Easy to hold small cones for neat, precise work
    • Freshly made for each order
    • No chemicals or PPD


    • FREEZE fresh henna cones for up to 5 months
    • To use, simply thaw for 30 minutes on a paper towel
      • DO NOT refreeze once thawed


    • Fresh henna powder, lemon juice & water, sugar plus pure Cajeput essential oil

      Always do a patch test before using


    • Apply henna paste to clean dry skin and allow to dry for about 20 mins being careful not to smudge your design
    • Seal with Henna Seal and keep on your skin for as long as possible- 4-6 hrs
    • Gently scrape off the dried paste and avoid water for the next 6 hours
    • Henna will appear bright orange at first and will darken over 48 hours depending on where on the body it was applied and how long it was left on for
    • Avoid swimming, saunas, washing and general housework to prolong the life of your henna


    • Fresh Henna Cones are only shipped out from Monday to Thursday of each week within the UK only
    • Please allow 3-4 days to process your order especially during summer and the Eid period


    • Because of the perishable nature of many of our products, we do not accept returns unless you receive a damaged item

    Pre-mixed Henna paste and henna cones are perishable making them non-refundable

    Feedback from Mehar Raja

    Ordering mehndi from Riffat was simple and easy. The cones were amazing to use with easy grip, the henna paste was smooth and created very intricate henna.

    The stain of the henna was very dark without adding anything to the hand. Will definitely be repurchasing!

    Thank you again Riffat for amazing quality and service.